Friday, July 24, 2009

Yoga to Improve Blood Circulation | Poor Circulation

Improving Blood Circulation

Stress and strain have become a part of our everyday life. However, things don’t have to be like that. When too many things are going on all around you and it seems to take a toll on your health, it is best to seek a balance between the mental, spiritual, and physical. A tall order, you might think, but nothing a little yoga won’t help you achieve and if you are wondering how to improve blood circulation, the answer again is yoga.

Blood Circulation Problems

Sometimes, we do not know it, but it’s the simple everyday things that can accrue and cause stress. This stress gives our heart and blood vessels a hard time and we face blood circulation problems. The heart rate surges, our blood pressure starts hitting the roof, and the blood flow to the heart becomes sluggish and slow.

Blood is the carrier of oxygen and nutrition. When its circulation takes a hit, we feel lethargic, begin to feel fatigued, and may develop several complications. Therefore, no matter how stressed and strained we feel, it is important to keep the blood circulation in order. There are thankfully, many yoga exercises that not only help you relieve stress and find inner peace but also help in improving blood circulation, bringing your blood pressure to normal levels and keeping you healthy and fit.

How to Improve Blood Circulation?

Yoga has many poses and postures that require deep breathing, meditation, relaxing the muscles, and concentrating. These techniques reduce the level of cortisol in the blood, regulate hormones, and therefore, decrease the level of stress. The flow of blood can also be regulated using these techniques. As a result, there is better waste disposal, increased immunity, regular cleansing of the vital organs, and improved efficiency of the body.

The poses in yoga are categorized according to the way they are performed. The following are the poses that are good for blood circulation:
Standing poses, in which the lateral wall of heart is allowed to stretch so that it gets toned. There is therefore a healthy flow of blood to the walls.
  • It is good to invert the body using inverted poses so that the blood flow can reach all parts of the body. In these particular positions, the lymphatic system present in the lower portion of our body gets a chance to rest from pumping blood all the time. Also, the circulation flow changes, therefore sending more blood to the brain, allowing it to hasten the regeneration of the body and brain tissues.
  • There are several horizontal poses in Yoga that help relax the body and reduce blood pressure. The lungs get completely rejuvenated because they get a complete rest.
  • The bending poses of yoga not only help tone up the muscles but also help increase the blood supply to the myocardium.