Friday, October 23, 2009

Yoga to cure Hernia and to prevent as well

What is Hernia?

The body is full of various organs interlaced within a complex network of nerves and blood vessels. While for the most part, our body functions normally with all the organs working on their specific functions, in certain circumstances, it becomes difficult for the organs to work normally.

Think of your body in terms of a cardboard box which contains many different trinkets. The box has a limit to its capacity, beyond which, if filled, the box will either collapse or the trinkets will begin to tear out. Similarly, in the body, especially the abdomen, all our organs are packed into a small space. There is the entire digestive system, consisting of organs like the pancreas, kidneys, liver, stomach, spleen, and intestines. At the back of the abdomen, we have the spine which acts as a tough wall, but up front, there is only the flesh, muscle, and fat.

In the event that the pressure inside the abdomen increases, some of these organs may press hard against the lining of the abdomen and begin pushing out. Eventually when the muscles do get weakened, the organs may begin to jut out of the body. This particular disorder is known as a hernia. There are various types of hernia like the ventral or abdominal hernia, incisional hernia, umbilical hernia, epigastrica hernia and the semi lunar hernia.

How to Cure Hernia?

It is said that prevention is always better than cure. The same holds true in the case of hernia too. However, once you have developed it, there are various exercises for hernia that you can try. Some of the postures and poses in yoga are considered beneficial in treating hernia. Yoga for hernia aims to strengthen the abdominal muscles in order to make them resistant to the internal pressure of the organs. If you are overweight, you remain at an elevated risk of developing hernia. However, with the help of yoga, you can reduce your weight and massage the organs internally, relieving the pressure off them.

Considered an effective hernia alternative treatment, yoga cannot be solely relied upon for curing hernia. A medical practitioner should be consulted before resorting to yoga. However, you may continue using yoga in order to decrease some of your risk behavior. Yoga helps to eliminate some of the risks that can cause hernia. Some of these risks are:
  • Chronic constipation
  • Chronic cough
  • Obesity or excess fat in the abdominal area.
Yoga for hernia constitutes of practices in which there is significant movement and contracting of the abdominal muscles. Practices like the Suryanamaskara, Dhanurasana, Navasana, Matsyasana and Kapalbhatti are good for strengthening the abdominal muscles and decreasing the risk factors.