Friday, November 27, 2009

Holistic yoga for holistic living

The revelations that different people have when they first start taking yoga sessions are often eye opening. Yoga has the power to make you aware not only of your body but also the state of your mind. When you embark on the journey of yoga, practicing the various poses, you become more aware of your body and its movements. You may realize more closely, how your body moves, how it bends, and how it aligns itself for your comfort.

Your state of mind and the connection that your body makes with it can all be explored using various yogic techniques.

Holistic Yoga

If your body is not used to exercise, its range of motion is limited. However, as you progress further and pick on the more difficult poses, you will realize that your body and the range of movements that you can achieve with it increase manifold. You may initially feel some discomfort and perhaps even sustain minor injuries. However, these discomforts will pave the way for holistic cures that involve both body and mind.

Those who suffer from physical ailments like pain in the various regions of the body, or those who suffer from injuries, and disorders of the joints are most likely to benefit physically from yoga. Those who suffer from arthritis can in fact find a gradual decrease in pain and swelling. In time, their ability to move also increases.

Yoga also brings in a certain amount of discipline to an individual’s daily routine. You are able to increase your endurance and improve flexibility. You are also able to control your immediate impulses, keep stress and anxiety at bay, and also evolve spiritually.

The reason why yoga is considered one of the most effective holistic cures is that it allows you to improve breathing and respiration, increase core strength, flexibility and immunity, improve your self confidence and self worth, and improve your concentration as well as your ability to bring out your talents.

Holistic health yoga involves a healthy mix of the many different yoga techniques. Deep breathing, meditation, and the yogic poses together have many effects on the over all physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health of a person. Yoga, in fact, can be seen as a holistic alternative medicine that slows down the ageing process. You will see your skin glowing, eyes sparkling, and your body will become more flexible and more capable. You will also improve mental acuity and overall immunity.