Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How To Detox Your Body Naturally – Diet Plan For Body Cleansing

Diet Tips For Body Detoxification

Sometimes the body becomes overburdened with toxins that it is unable to clear up and this is largely attributed to our sedentary jobs that prevent the body from getting enough exercise, and our lifestyle habits such as consuming junk food that is processed, greasy and oily and excess intake of caffeinated drinks, alcohol, artificial beverages and nicotine. The toxicity is increased by pollution from the environment around us in the air we breathe and the water we drink. Human beings are on an average able to detoxify their bodies naturally. But this elimination of toxic substances can only occur if the body is aided by a healthy balanced diet. The greatest detoxifier of the human body is water which helps flush toxins out of the body. Water purifies the kidneys, keeps the skin and hair hydrated and healthy. Pure water, fruit juices, herb teas, fruits, vegetables, food products with a high amount of fibre will help in the detoxification process if consumed regularly. Drink a glass of water every hour or so and keep bottles of water at convenient places such as near your bed, at your work table, in the car and even a bottle in your bag when you step out. Do not wait till you get thirsty to drink, as you are probably dehydrated by then. Instead set a timer or remind yourself that your body needs the water. It is best to reduce the consumption of food products that are high in fat content, milk products as well as red meat. Lean meat, fish, whole grains, pulses and yoghurt will also keep the body healthy and aid in the detoxification process. Exercising regularly is important as it helps the body sweat as well as improve our general rate of metabolism. Bathing at least once or if possible twice a day would be beneficial as it opens up the pores on the surface of the skin and lets out the toxins. Before consuming fruits and vegetables, soak them in water with a little salt and a pinch of turmeric to make sure that pesticides and other harmful substances are eliminated to some extent. You can even make a detox juice by putting into a juicer, two carrots, two apples (both organic) and half a teaspoon of ginger that has been freshly grated. The concoction can be consumed as a healthy snack or even instead of breakfast. Boil a mug of water and when warm, add slice of lemon to it and drink up first thing in the morning to stimulate the liver to begin the detoxification process.