Saturday, September 27, 2014

Post Angioplasty Diet and Exercise

If you have recently had an Angioplasty you should know that both diet and regular exercise are absolutely essential for you. You should first of all ascertain if you are over weight. If this is the case, then you should take active steps to reduce you weight. You should consult your doctor about the exercise regime that you wish to follow. If you plan to do some seriously energetic exercise, it is probably advisable to get your doctor’s opinion before you start. But if you plan to walk everyday or play tennis or some other game, then you can start it. Don’t overdo it in the first few days. Start slow and then, depending on your body, you can increase the length of your workout.   Whatever you decide to do, it is essential that you do it regularly and don’t take very long breaks. Also, remember that fad diets or starvation diets are not the correct or the healthy way to lose weight. These will cause you to lose a disproportionately large amount of weight in a very short time, which could affect your general health and well being.  Instead you should chose weight loss programs that are spread over some months and that don’t require you to take extreme steps. 

What Diet and Exercise you should Do?    

In addition to the exercise part of your treatment, you should also keep a strict watch on your diet. You should make sure that you don’t food that contains cholesterol or fat. Eat simple healthy food.  Cholesterol is present in high quantities in meat and sea products. These items also contain protein but it is not advisable to include them in your diet if you have had an angioplasty. It is better, therefore, to avoid eating fish, meat, eggs and other such animal products. Other food items like oil, butter, cheese should also be avoided since they can make you fat. You will find that you can substitute these with fruits and vegetables. You should also try and cut down on your intake of sugar.  You should avoid processed food items since these contain things like white flour, sugar and cheese - all of which are very bad for you. For the same reason carbonated drinks, bakery products and other such rich food items should be avoided. You will find that you can substitute fruits and vegetables for all these food items. You will also find that your method of cooking can make a great deal of difference to the food you eat. You should use a non-stick pan to cook your food. You should eat food that has been steamed rather than fried.