How to reduce Hips? Try Yoga for hip reduction

In order to shed that extra weight around your hips and tone your body, why not try an alternative therapy like yoga? Yoga is an exercise that targets the body and mind and has been practiced for centuries. This discipline originated in India around 2,000 BC.

How to Reduce Hips

Yoga uses a combination of physical exercises (Asanas) and breathing exercises (Pranayama) to improve overall health. The best way to reduce your hips through yoga is to perform the Surya Namaskara or the Sun Salutation. This is a series of 12 poses designed to tone your body. As most of the exercises involve forward and backward stretching, your hips will receive a lot of work. Thus, the Surya Namaskara helps you to lose weight around your hips.

Yoga to Reduce Hips

The next Asana that is useful for reducing fat around the hips is the Virabhadra Asana or the Warrior pose. In this pose, you rest the weight of your body on one knee and stretch the other leg behind you, while raising both your hands over your head. This posture stretches your hip muscles and eases any tension in the area.

Another effective pose that you can try is the Ardha Matsyendra Asana, or the Half spinal twist. This posture involves kneeling down and crossing one leg over the other and twisting your body. This seated stretch increases the metabolic rate and is therefore useful for weight loss. The Salabha Asana, or the Locust pose, requires you to lie flat on your stomach and then raise your legs. This exercise strengthens your hip muscles and increases their flexibility.

Single and double leg raises target your hips and help to burn any excess in that area. To increase the difficulty of the workout, you can also try lifting your legs behind your head.

You can also perform a breathing exercise called Anuloma Viloma (Alternate nostril breathing), where you inhale through one nostril, hold the breath and exhale through the other nostril. This exercise boosts the supply of oxygen different cells in the body, especially the fat cells, and is thus useful in burning them.

It is of utmost importance to ensure that you perform these Asanas and Pranayama properly. Improperly performed yoga poses often do more harm than good. It is a good idea to visit a reliable yoga practitioner before starting to practice yoga at home. It is also important to supplement yoga exercises with a well-balanced diet.

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