Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yoga for hypothyroidism | Hypo thyroid problem

Hypo Thyroid

Hypothyroidism is a common condition that arises from an imbalance in the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is situated in the throat. It is responsible for the production and secretion of the thyroxin hormone. It is this hormone that regulates the body’s metabolism rate. When the thyroid produces an inadequate amount of thyroxin, it leads to a condition known as hypothyroidism, which lowers the body’s rate of metabolism.

Yoga for Hypothyroidism

The symptoms of hypothyroidism include weight gain, lethargy, severe mood swings, and constipation, among others. While hypothyroidism is not a curable condition, it can be managed through regular hormone supplements. These come in the form of prescribed pills. Along with hormone supplements, yoga therapy is also recommended.

It is believed that yoga has positive effects on the thyroid gland. A gentle form of exercise, yoga postures involve stretching and compressing of the body. This along with the breathing exercise helps massage the endocrine organs and improve blood flow to these parts. The effects of yoga are also long lasting as they are experienced right at the cellular level, improving overall health.

The following postures may prove beneficial against hypothyroidism:

Shoulder Stand - The shoulder stand is the most effective yoga posture for hypothyroidism. In this position you lie on your shoulder, pushing the body over the head and then straight up. This helps transport fresh blood directly to the throat, stimulating and nourishing the thyroid glands.

Fish Pose - The fish pose should be undertaken directly after the shoulder stand. As you lie on the floor, rest your body on your elbows and arch the back. Tilt your head so that it touches the floor. This posture stretches and tones the neck, thereby stimulating the parathyroid glands.

Plough Pose - For the plough pose, rise to a shoulder stand and bring your feet down, over your head, touching the floor. This posture stretches the neck and boosts digestive functions.

Sun Salutations - If you are short on time, opt for a few cycles of the sun salutations, daily. This is a series of 12 yoga postures, practiced in a flow. Each cycle will target and tone the muscles and the various organs in the body stimulating the endocrine glands, pushing fresh blood to the region and nourishing it. In addition, it is a great work out for the entire body.

PranayamaPranayama refers to the deep breathing techniques recommended by yoga. It is important to follow the breathing techniques while holding yoga postures in order to properly execute the postures. In addition, pranayam exercises and nourishes the chest, abdomen and intestinal areas. It also reduces anxiety and tension and boosts energy levels.