Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jal Neti - Nasal Cleansing with Jala Neti

Jal Neti or Jala Neti

Yoga is a holistic fitness regime that aims at complete and absolute health. It is a combination of gentle exercises, breathing techniques, meditation and cleansing practices. Jal Neti is one of the six cleansing practices of yoga.

Jal Neti is a specific process of nasal cleansing. The word “Jal” means “water” and “Neti” refers to “Nasal.” In other words, Jal Neti is the process of nasal cleaning with the use of warm water. It is a practice that has been followed by ancient yogis for centuries. It is known to have multiple therapeutic benefits; these include both physical and psychological factors.

The nose regulates the temperature and humidity of inhaled air. It also functions as a filter; it keeps out impurities and harmful particles from being inhaled into the body. Obviously this tends to cause depositions which require nasal cleansing. The nose also experiences internal build up of mucous. This is where Jal Neti proves to be useful as it cleans and purifies the nasal passage, from the nostrils to the throat, in one simple session. The effects can be experienced immediately.

By using warm salty water, you ensure that the nose is thoroughly rinsed of dirt. The warm water also helps clean the mucous lining easily. It dislodges and dissolves internal build up and allows for easier flushing out of impurities.

While Jala Neti mainly refers to the irrigation and cleansing of the nasal passage, the benefits of Jal Neti extend beyond the basic protection against common colds and sinus infections. The health benefits of this practice include the respiratory tract, the eyes and even the brain within its blanket!

Jal Neti provides relief from respiratory disorders like asthma and allergies. It clears congestion and allows for freer breathing. It is also beneficial to the eyes. Jal Neti improves overall eyesight and is especially effective in treating myopia. This practice also soothes the nervous system, combats chronic fatigue and fights off insomnia.

Jal Neti is said to have a positive effect on the brain as well. It is known to cool the brain, soothing migraines, headaches and stress. It is also effective in combating depression. Regular practice also enhances an individual’s concentration powers.

At first glance, Neti yoga seems impossible to perform and yet it is a fairly simple process. All you need is a little bit of patience and constant practice. You also require a special neti pot to perform Jal Neti. This is a small pot with a long, nozzle in which to hold the warm water.
  • Take some warm water. Add a spoon of salt to it and pour the solution into the neti pot.
  • Breathe through the mouth for the entire process
  • Place the nozzle in one of your nostrils, say the left one. Slowly tilt you head towards the right side of your body, allowing the water to enter into the left nostril. Remember not to inhale through the nose as your pour the water in.
  • The water will flow into the nostril and come out of the other nostril. You may require a basin for the water.
  • Repeat process though the other nostril. Continue this for a few rounds.
  • Once the water is used up, be sure to blow your nose vigorously, and end process with the corpse pose.
Both Jal Neti and Sutra Neti needs to be learnt under a trained instructor. You may not get it right the first few times. It will be messy and frustrating. But once it is in your grasp, you’ll realize what a rejuvenating practice it is.