Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yoga During Pregnancy | Prenatal Yoga

Exercise in Pregnancy

During pregnancy there are many changes taking place in a woman’s life and body. From the obvious change in body shape to a fluctuation in hormones, this proves to be quite an emotional time. The combination of physical and psychological changes can be tumultuous for most, and yoga can help cope with the changes.

Yoga for Pregnant

Yoga is the ancient Indian tradition of self healing. Through a series of gentle postures, breathing techniques and meditation, it creates a balance between the body, mind and spirit. Given its therapeutic nature, practicing yoga during pregnancy is said to be very beneficial.

Yoga techniques can help cope with many conditions set off by the pregnancy. In addition to making the pregnancy more comfortable, it also helps ease labor and recovery thereafter.

Benefits of Yoga in Pregnancy

Energy – Pregnancy can be exhausting, especially during the first and last trimester. Keeping your regular schedule can be quite difficult, Through the morning sickness, frequent check ups, and the demands of your changing body. Often women are left with no energy at all. Practicing yoga regularly can help give you this much needed energy boost. It also allows you to pursue a gentle form of exercise and to keep fit throughout the pregnancy.

Supplement Growth – By practicing yoga regularly, you learn how to breathe deeply. This ensures optimal flow of fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients to all the vital organs in the body, keeping them healthy. It also nourishes the baby and facilitates healthy development.

Curbs Stress– It is understandable to be anxious during the pregnancy. But too much anxiety and stress is unhealthy and can lead to complications. Yoga’s breathing techniques come handy during such situations. Yoga emphasizes on deep breathing; this in turn allows the body and the mind to calm down and relax.

Balance and Awareness – As your body changes, you tend to lose your centre of balance. This in turn results in severe back aches and discomfort. Through regular prenatal yoga, you can correct your balance and body alignment. This will reduce the aches and pain considerably. Yoga also helps you accept and understand the changes taking shape in your body. You are more aware of your condition, and ready to face the challenge of motherhood.

Physical Ease – Pregnancy brings about a number of uncomfortable conditions: morning sickness, back pain, body aches, swollen legs, insomnia, and heartburn. These in turn make you more anxious, stressed, moody and negative. Through regular yoga you can manage these conditions better. The yoga postures will strengthen your body and ease the pain.

Easy Labor – Yoga exercises and deep breathing techniques are especially useful during labor. When the body feels pain, the natural reflex is to clench. This hampers labor, making it last longer. The body also produces excess adrenalin when it is stressed, and this may result in a more difficult labor. Yoga teaches you how to control your mind and to fight off this reflex. You learn to relax and facilitate quick labor.

It is important to join a good prenatal yoga class. These classes are designed especially for pregnant women. The work outs are gentle and can be followed through every stage of the pregnancy.