Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yoga Exercise to Reduce Belly Fat

How to reduce belly fat?

While most of us are able to lose weight and shape up, the one place where fat seems to remain despite all efforts is our belly. This is perhaps because belly fat is different from the fat in other parts of our body. One of the biggest differences is that the abdominal muscles are static, and hence, constant movement that helps in reducing weight everywhere else does not affect belly fat. Also, most of our abdominal fat is a result of stress; this is because the abdominal region has more stress receptors that any other region in the body. Thus, when is comes to the question of how to reduce belly fat, standard exercise just won’t work. Reducing belly fat requires a combination of diet and exercise. While exercise to reduce belly fat is effective in most cases, yoga to reduce belly fat is considered to be even more effective since yoga not only helps lose the fat but also helps in reducing stress.

There is no particular form of yoga that can be prescribed for reducing belly fat; however, there are a set of poses that can be performed daily to help win the battle against belly fat. Further, these poses do not need to be practiced all together and everyday. To keep your workout routine interesting and challenging, we suggest that you group these asanas and perform them on different days. You could also opt to perform one or two asanas everyday. It should be noted that belly fat reduction is not instantaneous, and it requires dedication and perseverance.

Yoga Exercise to Reduce Belly Fat

Yoga asanas can be performed regularly to fight the battle against the bulge. However, remember there are no quick fixes and only practice and patience will ensure that you come out a winner. Moreover, along with the yoga poses, you should also incorporate pranayama (breathing exercises) into your daily routine. Breathing exercises are ideal for belly fat reduction as they help in exercising the abdominal muscles. The kapalbhati pranayama or “breathe in firm” technique is known to be the most effective in reducing belly fat.

Some of the most common yoga asanas that can be performed to achieve a flat belly are Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana), Half Plough Pose (Ardha Halasan), Cobra Pose (Bhujangasan), Wheel Pose (Chakrasana), Prone Cycling (Dwichkrikasan), Standing Bow Pulling Pose (Dandayamana-Dhanurasana), Sitting Spinal Twist (Matsyendrasana), Lunging Salute Pose (Namaskarparsvakonasana), Boat Pose (Navasana), Spiraled Head to Knee Pose (Parivritti Janu Sirshasana), Wind Release Pose (Pavanamuktasan), Shoulder-stand Pose (Salamba Sarvangasana), Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar), and Side Plank Pose (Vasisthasana). Remember to consult your physician before beginning any exercise regime.
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