Friday, April 24, 2009

Yoga for Sinus (Sinusitis) | Alternative Tretment

What is the Sinus?

The word sinus means cavity. When most people talk of sinuses, they are referring to the paranasal sinuses, which are paired cavities that exist all under the skull along the front of the face and the head. Para nasal sinuses are connected to the nasal passage.

What do Sinuses do?

While the exact function of sinuses is unclear, it has been surmised that these air filled cavities help to decrease the weight of the skull and provide some cushioning to this region.

What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a condition that occurs when these sinuses become infected and inflamed. It affects approximately 39 million American every year. Occurrences of sinusitis are becoming increasingly common and it is believed that rising air pollution levels play a major role in this.

Symptoms of Sinusitis

Sinusitis is accompanied by a number of symptoms including headaches, nasal discharge, and toothaches. In fact a majority of people who complain about migraines are actually suffering from sinusitis headaches.

Yoga for Sinusitis (Sinus)

The practice of yoga can provide long and lasting relief from sinusitis and its associated ailments. It is such an excellent sinusitis cure because as opposed to treating the symptoms of the disease (which is what most conventional over the counter medications do) yoga goes right down to the root cause of sinusitis to nip the problem in the bud.

How does Yoga achieve this?

Well, to answer this question you need to take a look at the basic principles of yoga. As we all know, yoga is an ancient form of therapy and exercise that was developed in India millennia ago. Once considered an almost lost healing art, the last couple of decades have evidenced a renewed interest in the practice of yoga.

Why yoga manages to cure sinusitis where many other forms of treatment fail is because it helps to balance the body and remove any conditions that cause an imbalance. The vigorous breathing exercises (Pranayama) that are practiced as a part of yoga help to remove any blockages in the nasal cavities and sinus. This allows any accumulated mucus and infection to be drained out, thereby providing relief from the symptoms of sinusitis.

In addition to Pranayama there are also many yoga Asanas (postures) that work wonders as a sinusitis cure. These include the Bhujanga Asana (Cobra Pose), Matsya Asana (Crocodile Pose), Sinha Asana (Lion pose), Shava Asana (Corpse pose), and Surya Namaskar (Sun salutation).