Friday, May 15, 2009

Yoga for Thighs | Thighs exercises, Thighs Toning

Exercises for Thighs

When we deal with weight loss, the belly and the thighs are often problematic as nothing seems to get rid of that flab. Even if you’re not overweight the thighs may be problematic either because of a little flab in the area or simply because your thigh muscles are weak. Exercises for thighs can help to tone and strengthen the thighs and get rid of any flab. Most of us unfortunately find it hard to maintain and follow rigid exercise regimens, which if not followed diligently only enhance the problem. This of course should not bring you to the conclusion that yoga is an easy way out.

Yoga requires diligence and dedication on the part of the practitioner, but it is at the same time a lot more practical and feasible. It is relatively inexpensive and does not require any equipment, it can be practiced by absolutely anyone (age, gender, physical health have no bearing), it is not rigid in terms of the practices and flexibility is allowed in consideration of the individual’s capacity, and it is not as time consuming. Practicing yoga for the thighs will help to reduce weight and tone and strengthen the muscles. While thighs toning would be the primary focus in a sequence of yoga to reduce thighs, the practice of yoga is wholesome and its health benefits will be experienced by your entire body. Its benefits are not just restricted to the physical, but it also promotes mental health.

How to Reduce Thighs?

This may seem challenging, but it is by no means impossible. While there are many thighs exercises that do help reduce weight on thighs, most of the routines are intensive and require a great deal of time and effort. Moreover, rapid weight gain is common if at any point maintaining the exercise routine becomes impossible. Yoga in contrast does not take up much time, and only requires dedication. Moreover, it can be practiced anywhere and irrespective of your physical state. This means that there are very few scenarios where you would need to give up your practice.

Why is Yoga so effective?

Yoga asanas or poses are renowned for the flexibility and grace they radiate. These exercises may seem challenging, and though they are not all easy, they can be learnt quite easily. They require a great deal of focus and attention, and stamina, flexibility, and balance. These skills are strengthened and honed through regular practice. A ten minute routine a day would suffice. Some yoga poses that are particularly effective for thighs toning and strengthening include the Tortoise pose, Knee Swing, Diamond pose, Big Toe Pose, Bow pose, Bound Angle pose, Camel pose, and the Garland pose to name a few.