Friday, May 15, 2009

Yoga for Liver Problems | Exercise for Liver Health

Exercise for Liver Problems

Liver problems are quite a serious concern as the liver plays a crucial role in our health and the normal functioning of our bodies. Liver disease and damage can even lead to death in severe cases. Liver damage or liver problems can occur because of a variety of reasons. In some cases the damage may be due to a specific disease like hepatitis, where jaundice is a symptom, or it could be liver damage due to lifestyle itself – excessive drinking or unhealthy food habits. Whatever the cause its important that you take care of and strengthen the liver to minimize damage and reduce the risk of deterioration. While certain illnesses are curable, some are not and lifelong care is necessary.

The use of yoga for the liver can help overcome and live with liver conditions. While the relationship between exercise and physical fitness is very evident the relation ship between exercise and liver health is not so clear. The idea of yoga for liver problems may in fact leave most of you baffled, or questioning the seeming absurdity of this declaration. But yes, yoga for liver problems is an effective way of maintaining and enhancing the health of this vital organ. Yoga’s approach to fitness differs from other exercise regimens, in that it does not merely focus on visible physical health, but on the body as a whole. This means that it takes into account the relationship between physical, mental and emotional health and the need to maintain balance. Yoga therefore acts as a balancing force, through its combination of physical postures, breath techniques and meditation.

In the context of internal organs, when we say exercise for liver problems for that matter, we are not referring to routines that exercise your liver, but rather to exercises or activities that stimulate, regulate and enhance the function. The strange contortions that make up the asanas or physical poses of yoga offer some of these direct benefits. Many of them put gentle pressure or act as a massage on the organ, stimulating it. Other asanas improve circulation, some improve nervous system function, breath exercises improve circulation and cleanse the system, and so on. Thus they indirectly improve liver function by balancing the various functions that do have an effect on liver function.

Exercise caution when practicing yoga however, as failure to follow rules or misinterpreting them can often result in injury. For this reason it is best to learn under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Certain yoga poses for liver problems are recommended such as the Diamond Pose, the Locust Pose, the Plow Pose, and the Standing Forward Bend to name a few. Keep in mind that in addition to the physical practices it is necessary to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes diet and general routines.