Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yoga to Reduce Blood Sugar Level

Diabetes is a chronic condition which requires a lot of work to manage the symptoms. An all pervasive disorder, diabetes can cause symptoms throughout the body, affecting the skin, feet, and joints. Diabetes is unfortunately, an irreversible disease and therefore, the only way to deal with it is to have a multi-pronged approach to maintain your health and alleviate the symptoms.

Diabetes has usually been associated with lifestyle and since it has genetic implications, it becomes all the more important that the disorder be kept in control. With a little planning and effort, blood sugar can be kept in check. Many different medicines and alternative treatments have been used to keep diabetes under control. However, of all these, Yoga for diabetes has emerged as a champion of sorts.

Exercise for Diabetes

There are two main areas of concern when it comes to treating diabetes. The first and foremost is diet control and the second is a change in the overall lifestyle. Both these activities are performed to reduce the blood sugar level in the body.

Yoga has been proven to be effective for many chronic and acute conditions. Diabetes too, is one such condition, where yoga has an important role to play. Yoga and diabetes have been studied closely to understand the therapeutic relationship better. The various poses and postures of yoga benefit the body in many ways. When increased and focused attention is given to the body, it helps to reduce the blood sugar levels to a large extent. Yoga helps treat the entire body, alleviating all the symptoms instead of performing localized action on specific parts of the body. The immune system becomes stronger by practicing yoga regularly. Yoga also helps to keep the energy flowing through the body by eliminating stress.

Yoga is also very beneficial in weight management. For people who are overweight, the complications of diabetes are many. Exercise for diabetics is important and yoga can help in this respect too. If you are wondering how to reduce blood sugar level using yoga, the answer is simple. Yoga includes special exercises for diabetics and a yogic diet. The muscles, when worked upon, are able to absorb more glucose, causing the blood sugar levels to normalize. A yogic diet helps strengthen the pancreas and heal liver problems, encouraging better regulation of the hormone insulin.

The diet prescribed by yogis also helps to give proper nutrition to the body while detoxifying it and strengthening it. Together, the diet and the poses can help reduce many of the symptoms.