Friday, January 22, 2010

Breast Massage and Yoga to Reduce Breast Size

It is not uncommon to find women who want to get rid of the weight that they have put on in the bust region. The problem is that getting rid of this fat is not always easy. There are several breast reduction exercises, but out of all of those, yoga is the most effective.

Exercises to Reduce Breast Size

Yoga offers an excellent solution to those who are looking for exercises to reduce breast size. Though there is no single pose that would help a woman decrease the size of her breasts, several poses, when practiced in a particular sequence, can help tone down breasts. Most of the yoga asanas that you practice help you to reduce weight and tone the muscles. However, a good exercise to reduce breast size will ideally have to be complemented with a good diet and an active lifestyle.

For reducing breast size, you should adopt a schedule that includes several yoga postures, breathing techniques known as pranayama, and a healthy and balanced diet. There are many different yoga poses that you can try. However, the frequency at which you perform these poses should be based on your age and your health conditions.

Yoga Poses for Breast Reduction

Some of the effective standing poses that you can try are the half moon pose, forehead to knee pose, triangle pose, and palm tree pose. Apart from these, there are also some sitting poses of yoga to reduce breast size. The forehead to knee pose (single knee and both knees), half lord of the fish pose, camel pose, lion pose, and cow face pose are all effective in reducing breast size.

There are some supine poses that help you tone muscles in both the bust region and the abdomen. Leg raises, using a single leg or both the legs, are excellent for reducing fat from any portion of your torso. The incline plane pose, boat pose, plough pose, wheel pose, fish pose, bridge formation pose, and the wind relieving pose are other supine poses that help tone up the breasts.

Breast Massage Technique

A breast massage therapy can also help tone up the tissues and the muscles of the breasts. Since the breasts are made up primarily of adipose tissue, breast massaging can help improve the flow of blood the breasts. The massaging action helps tone the muscles of the region. You can use any good moisturizer to help you in the massage. The best thing is that you can do this massage yourself, at your own convenience.