Saturday, July 5, 2014

Is there Anything Like Quick Weight Loss?

People are often on the lookout for a quick weight loss solution. Sometimes this happens when there is a big event coming up – your own wedding or a friend’s wedding. Sometimes it’s simply frustration with one’s situation that leads to a sudden decision – “That’s it, I’m going to lose weight by next month!” 

Is Quick Weight Loss is Myth?
Unfortunately, this is an unhealthy approach, and it is also impractical. First of all, the main motivation to lose weight should be your health itself. You will certainly look a lot better if you are healthy and in shape, but this should be a secondary motive. You can lose all, or most of your fat, but end up falling sick at the end of it, and then what will be the use of it all? In addition, the kind of diets that promise quick weight loss are always short lived, and so are their effects. These diets do work, as far as weight loss is concerned, but they are unsustainable. Quick weight loss diets are always drastic, with severe restrictions. They therefore always fizzle out within a couple of weeks, or a couple of months at the most. After this period, the dieter usually ends up returning to earlier eating habits and gaining weight rapidly. Besides the fact that you have ultimately made no progress, your health also suffers: the diet is so restrictive that while you are on it, your body does not even get the nutrients that it really needs, and in addition to this, this constant and dramatic weight fluctuation is bad for your body. 

Tips for Quick Weight Loss

What is needed instead is an understanding of how diet works, and how it affects your body. Your body needs all kinds of nutrients, including fats. What you need to do is cut down your overall food intake, and reduce your intake of fats without cutting them out entirely. It is not necessary to completely cut out any particular food – however, if it is high fat, or if it contains too much of simple carbohydrates (such as most commercially packaged snacks and sweets), you should either find a healthy substitute or reduce your intake. Also remember that snacking is not necessarily bad, as long as you snack healthy. It is better to eat several small meals a day, just enough to satisfy your hunger, rather than eating two or three large meals where you stuff yourself. Finally, remember that you also need to exercise, so that your body burns calories and builds muscle, which will then help it burn calories faster. Yoga is also considered an organic and the best way to loss weight for yoga without side effects