Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yoga Exercise to Reduce Belly Fat

How to reduce Belly Fat?

Yoga is an ancient discipline that was not propagated for purposes of physical health and appearances alone, but for the mental and spiritual well being of the practitioner as well. The problem of weight gain, particularly around the belly has come to be recognized as more than the consequence of a simple dietary problem. Therefore it can not be tackled by dietary measures alone, but requires an exercise or fitness routine as well. Unfortunately, the problem of belly fat is a lot more complicated.

Reducing Belly Fat

The reason why this area is so problematic is because the fat accumulation in the area is particularly hard to get rid off, as most exercise workouts do not exercise the abdominal muscles. Even if they do offer some sort of exercise for the muscle groups in the region, this does not suffice, as the fat build up in this area is not simply because of over eating or a lack of physical activity. In fact it all boils down to stress or tension. This region of the body not only has an enhanced blood supply, but it also more receptors for cortisol, which is a stress hormone that is influential in weight gain. It contributes to the build up of fat in the belly. Yoga is so relevant in this scenario as its holistic approach does not restrict its healing effects simply to the physical, but instead also extends it to the mental.

Yoga to Reduce Belly Fat

This is exactly what the need is for. Here are some yoga asanas or poses that you would be well advised to include in your routine:
  • The Salabhasana or Locust Pose is just one such pose. This is an extremely effective and important pose for a flat belly as it works on the abdominal muscles. It tones and strengthens these muscles.
  • The Dhanurasana or Bow Pose is another pose that is included in any routine for reducing belly fat. It tones the muscles and helps burn fat in around the stomach.
  • The Paschimottansana or Forward Bending Pose is another yoga pose that offers many benefits. Apart from the fact that it helps to eliminate excess abdominal fat, it also strengthens the spine and back muscles. It even acts as a massage, stimulating the internal organs and is very relaxing for the central nervous system.
These are just some of the poses that you can include in a belly fat reduction routine. There are plenty of other physical poses, and as with the discipline as a whole, each of the individual poses too are not limited in the benefits they offer.