Curly Hair Care : Tips To Maintain Your Natural Curly Hair

Tips For Curly Hair Care

Naturally curly hair needs special attention because it can easily become dry and frizzy. Therefore, you will need to be much more careful to keep curly hair properly moisturized. Here are some tips that you can follow for maintaining curly hair.

Choose an appropriate shampoo that is specially designed to take care of curly hair. However, do not shampoo too frequently as this can rob your hair of natural oils and moisture. Two to three shampoo washes a week should be alright. But, ensure that after each wash with shampoo, you use a conditioner on your hair. Apply a generous amount of conditioner and work it into your hair thoroughly so that the conditioner is completely absorbed in your hair. For deeper conditioning of hairs, you should apply the conditioner right after the bath, while your hair is still wet. Doing so will ensure that the moisture is trapped in your hair.

You should also use natural oils - like coconut oil and almond oil - regularly on your hair. You can also use jojoba oil and aloe vera gel to massage your scalp. For best results, after you have applied the oil and massaged thoroughly, wear a cap or wrap your head with a wet towel. This will help the oil to penetrate deeper into the hair and scalp.

Do not brush your hair with a comb when it is wet. Using a comb on wet hairs increases the chances of knots. Use only wide-toothed combs and do not force the comb to untangle the knots. Applying force while combing will weaken the hair roots and the shaft too. A better practice would be to run your fingers through the curls many times a day.

Do not use a towel vigorously to dry up wet hair. Rubbing a towel vigorously on curly hair will make the hair tangled and knotted. Instead, for drying up your wet hair, you should gently press a towel against your head and let the extra water get soaked in it. Thereafter, leave the hair loose and let it dry naturally - air drying is the best method to dry your hair. Avoid using blow dryers on your hair as they tend to make you hair even frizzier.

Be careful in choosing the products you use for hair care. As far as possible, go for cosmetics that contain natural ingredients. If you happen to notice any adverse effect of any product on your hair, consider changing it immediately. Since curly hairs are naturally fragile, they are very easily affected by the products you use.

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