Yoga for ulcerative colitis - alternative treatment

What is Ulcerative Colitis?

Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease that is often considered a life-altering condition. This condition affects the large intestines and is often confused with Crohn’s disease or the irritable bowel syndrome, both of which are much less serious than this disorder. This is a lifelong disease that is intermittent and flares up for brief periods while remaining symptom free during others.

This disease can affect the digestion and metabolism of a person and to treat it, a drastic change in the lifestyle is required. For years doctors have been trying to cure this disease however, all that is available are medications that can control the symptoms and alleviate them for brief spells.

Ulcerative Colitis Causes

  • Genetics and Race
  • Environmental Factors and Diet
  • Autoimmune diseases.

Ulcerative colitis alternative treatment

The treatment for ulcerative colitis depends on the severity of each individual case. Initially the goal of the treatment is to induce remission. Later, the medications are administered to maintain the remission. These can provide a temporary relief from the symptoms but even are not a long term option. These medications can also induce the healing of the ulcerated membrane. Yoga however, has proved to be an effective ulcerative colitis remedy.

A lot of people have resorted to yoga for ulcerative colitis. In normal circumstances, you may join a yoga programme especially designed for people who suffer from this disorder. However, when the condition flares up, yoga can be practiced from the comfortable confines of your home.

Yoga requires you to stretch the muscles of your body. It helps you to strengthen your entire body, placing special emphasis on the muscles of the stomach and the back. Both these muscles that act as the core muscles in yoga, can be strengthened by Yoga. Stomach stretching exercises of yoga like Twisting Prayer Lunge, Cat-Cow Stretch, Cobra Pose, Boat Pose, Plank Pose, Side Plank Pose, Chair Pose and Eagle Pose are all poses that help you stretch and tone the muscles of the stomach. These muscles help strengthen the lining of the digestive organs, helping to prevent the stomach cramps.

It can sometimes be difficult to exercise or practice yoga when you have a flare-up. However, flare-ups too can be managed by taking your medications on time. When medications and yoga complement each other, the symptoms of ulcerative colitis can certainly be kept in check. Both of these together can greatly increase the quality of life of a person suffering from this disease.

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