Hematoma Treatment For Leg And Skin – Symptoms And Healing

Hematoma Symptoms

Hematoma refers to a condition in which blood collects in a certain part of the body due to injury to the muscles, ligaments and tendons. The damage caused to the blood capillaries causes blood to accumulate at the site of the injury and cause the appearance of a bruise immediately after the accident. The most common symptoms of hematoma are pain, swelling, tenderness and discoloration in the affected area. The intensity of the symptoms is determined by the severity of the injury. Generally, hematoma becomes more painful if one has suffered leg injury, as the pressure of blood in the lower limbs is greater than in any other part of the body.

Hematoma Healing

The best way of preventing hematoma is to apply an ice pack to the site of the injury immediately after you have suffered it, as this slows down the supply of blood to the area and thereby stalls swelling. It also helps to hold your arm or leg high above the level of the heart for a few minutes at regular intervals, as this causes the excess blood accumulated in the affected area to flow back, and thereby reduces the swelling. You may also use a firm elastic band around the swollen spot in order to apply some pressure on the area and make the accumulated blood flow away. Applying hot and cold compresses on the affected area alternately is also known to treat hematoma. You should hold a hot water bag tightly against the swollen area for 15-20 minutes. This will help reduce the pain significantly. Follow this up with an ice pack in order to reduce the swelling. It is also useful to boil some comfrey root in a bowl of water and apply a pad of cotton soaked in this tea on the affected area. This helps reduce the pain and treat the discoloration. Topical application of the juice of parsley leaves is also known to help heal the wound faster. You should also increase the intake of natural sources of C and K vitamins, as the former strengthens blood vessels and the latter quickens the natural healing process by increasing the body’s immunity. For this purpose, eat lots of oranges, citrus fruits, green peppers, grapefruits, spinach and brussels sprouts. Another effective home remedy for making the recovery from injuries faster is to add a pinch of salt to a glass of milk and drink this solution twice a day.

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