Yoga for Stomach Ailments and Digestive Problems

Due to our levels of stress and our sedentary lifestyles, we get many digestive ailments. Stomach problems like acid refluxes, gas, pain in the stomach, bad breath, and constipation can all be treated by practicing yoga.

Our lifestyles have a huge effect on our digestive systems. Lack of physical activity and exercise, and improper eating habits and bad diet leads to worsening the health of the digestive system. Yoga, however, can help treat almost all stomach ailments to an extent. If you suffer from any digestion problems, specific yoga poses can help you overcome them.

There are many natural remedies for stomach ailments and digestive system problems. However, out of all these, yoga is considered the best. Practicing yoga asanas every day can help you increase the absorption of food while improving the gastrointestinal circulation. The yoga asanas also help reduce the amount of acid in the digestive enzymes. A high number of digestive system ailments are caused due to the accumulation of mucous in the cavities of the body. If you practice yoga regularly, not only will you get rid of common stomach ailments, but also the mucous which causes many a digestive system problem.

To cure stomach ailments, start off with pranayama and follow it with yoga poses. Before you begin, take a glass of water. This helps the mucous to become soft inside. Take your time to perform each of the poses, as directed by your instructor.

Yoga Poses for Stomach Ailments

Start off with pranayama. First do the bhastrika, then the kapalbhati and then follow it up with the agnisar kriya and the nadi sodhana. Once you are finished with the breathing exercises, start with the asanas. The mandukasana or the frog pose should be practiced first. Next, come into the bhujangasana or the cobra pose. The sequence will then comprise the salabhasana or the locust pose, the abdominal lock, the sarvangasana or the shoulder stand, dhanurasana or the bow pose, and the savasana or the corpse pose. This completes the full cycle of poses required to strengthen your digestive system.

While you are practicing yoga regularly, also start consuming healthier food. Try and eat more white meat than red meat. Fresh vegetables and fruits should also be included in your diet. Lower the intake of tea, coffee, and other beverages that contain caffeine. Junk food, processed fruit juices, and food that has a high content of both salt and sugar should be avoided as much as possible.

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