Tooth Nerve Pain: Remedies For Instant Relief Of Tooth Nerve Pain

Home Remedies For Tooth Nerve Pain

Very often a toothache is caused by an exposed nerve at the base or root of the tooth. Pain resulting from an exposed nerve or from damage to the nerve can be severe and debilitating. Tooth nerve pain may extent to the area of the jaw and part of the face as well. There may be several causes for an exposed tooth nerve. For instance, receding gums sometimes expose tooth nerves and consequently lead to severe pain. The tissue of the gums acts as a protective covering for the root of the teeth and when it recedes, the underlying nerves are exposed. The exposed nerve thus comes in contact with extreme temperatures and many kinds of substances that pass through the mouth, thereby leading to severe pain. Tooth nerve pain may also be the result of bacterial infections that eventually result in severe nerve damage and nerve death. Very often bacterial infections and other dental disorders that lead to tooth nerve pain are the result of poor dental hygiene. You can help care for tooth nerve pain with the help of a few simple hygiene tips and home remedies. However, tooth nerve pain is very severe and it is important to seek your dentist’s advice immediately. The dentist will normally perform a root canal to remove the exposed/damaged nerve and covers the area with a crown or cap. Oral hygiene tips will help you prevent tooth nerve pain and home remedies will provide you with immediate pain relief. Firstly, it is important to ensure that you choose the right kind of brush to take care of your teeth. Make sure that you do not use too much pressure while brushing as this can also be very damaging for your teeth and gum tissue. Make sure that you brush your teeth regularly to avoid plaque buildup around your teeth. Brushing at least twice a day will help reduce plaque buildup and helps keep bacterial infections at bay. Reduce your consumption of alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks as they lead to gum and teeth erosion that results in tooth nerve pain.

You can also try several simple home remedies to help alleviate tooth nerve pain. Use a drop of clove oil on the exposed nerve to help reduce tooth nerve pain effectively. Place a slice of chilled cucumber on the exposed nerve and bite down on it to help relieve pain instantly.

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