Health Benefits Of Green Tea – Does Green Tea Help To Reduce Weight?

Tea comes in various different mixes. There are black teas available, green teas and herbal teas. Some of the herbal teas include lemon tea, ginseng teas, ginger tea, chamomile tea, etc. Green tea among these is made from the Camellia plant leaves. The Japanese and the Chinese use this green tea to help in healing of various conditions through the ages. One of the main benefits of drinking green tea on a daily basis is that it helps in the weight loss. Drinking of green tea helps in increasing a person’s body’s rate and ability of burning the calories. Green tea contains a substance known as catechins which actually permits one’s body to lessen its body fat levels. Thus drinking green tea prevents one from becoming obese and also helps to maintain a person’s body weight. Most dieticians will recommend drinking of green tea to help in one losing weight.

Health Benefits

Green tea has also been found to be beneficial in reducing the chance of one getting cancer. Studies have indicated that drinking of green tea will help in fighting against different kinds of cancer like lung cancer, pancreas cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer and even prostate cancer. Research has proven that in the Asian countries where consumption of green tea is high the counts of prostate cancer are much lower. Green tea contains certain antioxidants that are helpful in fighting against cancer. Green tea helps in stopping the growth of cancerous cells in the human body. Green tea also helps in giving one’s immune system a boost if drunk regularly. Studies have indicated that those who drink Green tea often do not suffer from flu or common cold as often. Green tea is a great drink to be given to all those who are sick and ailing. It is a great healer and prevents all kinds of diseases from affecting one’s immune system. Green tea has also been helpful in fighting against diabetes. Studies are being conducted to prove this theory still. Some studies claim that drinking of Green tea often helps in reducing high blood pressure. It leaves one with a feeling of alertness and mental awareness. Green tea contains theanine which is helpful in boosting ones brain networks. It has been known to increase a person’s brain activity too. Green tea is also beneficial to those who are fighting against cardiovascular diseases. It helps in lowering a person’s blood pressure and thus reduces the chances of a heart attack

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