Jock Itch Cure | Natural Treatment For Jock Itch

Jock itch is the irritation of the skin in warm and moist parts of the body like the inner thighs, the groin and the buttocks. These parts are especially prone to perspiration, which makes them susceptible to fungal infection leading to itching. Though this is not a serious problem, it can be extremely uncomfortable. The itch begins with the appearance or small circular rashes on the skin which may later even cause the skin to crack painfully.

Home Remedies For Jock Itch Cure

  • Wash the affected area daily with oatmeal and water and then pat it dry completely with a towel.

  • Washing the affected area with a mild anti-dandruff shampoo also helps prevent bacterial growth.

  • Add a generous amount of common salt into a tub of warm bath water and soak in it for 15 minutes every day to cure jock itch.

  • Use an anti-bacterial powder on the affected region after bath every day.

  • Apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil are natural anti-bacterial agents. Apply either of these on the affected area daily. Even after the symptoms of jock itch disappear, continue to apply these for a week in order to completely kill all harmful bacteria.

  • Alternatively, applying honey and garlic paste on the affected area also reduces itchiness.

  • Use more garlic in your cooked food or simply eat a few raw cloves of garlic every day, as garlic has natural antifungal properties.

  • Massage the affected area with cornstarch every day to relieve itching.

  • Massaging the area with olive oil or oregano oil is also a useful remedy for jock itch.

  • Cut down on your intake of processed food rich in carbohydrates, fats and sugar. Also avoid food containing yeast and stop consuming alcohol.

  • Include more raw vegetables and fruits in your diet as these naturally keep the skin healthy.

The most effective way of preventing jock itch is to keep the vulnerable body parts clean and dry. Avoid wearing tight undergarments. Changing undergarments daily or if needed, even more frequently, is also absolutely necessary for maintaining personal hygiene. Wear loose cotton garments instead of other fabrics, as they allow air to pass freely through them to the surface of the skin and absorb as well as help dry out perspiration naturally. Do not share towels in a common swimming pool as jock itch spreads by touch. Being overweight often causes friction between the inner thighs and results in jock itch, so try shedding some weight to prevent this condition.

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