Tomatoes Health Benefits – Nutrition Values Of Tomato For Your Body

Health Benefits Of Tomatoes

The health benefits of tomatoes and their curative properties are manifold. Tomatoes have numerous health benefits that make them an ideal addition to your everyday diet. Tomatoes contain a rich reserve of minerals and nutrients that are very beneficial for your health. It is thus important to add tomatoes to every meal to increase their nutritive value and to ensure a good supply of vitamins and minerals to your body. Tomatoes contain vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B, Calcium, vitamin K, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calories and protein. Increase your consumption of tomato to provide your body with a rich supply of these vitamins and nutrients. In addition, tomato helps improve the texture and colour of skin. Increase your consumption of tomatoes to improve your complexion and to help obtain an even toned skin colour. Tomatoes are also known to be effective blood purifiers that help protect the liver. If you suffer from liver disorders, gallstones or other kinds of liver congestion problems, then you should increase your consumption of tomato. Tomato helps dissolve gallstones, in addition to protecting the liver from cirrhosis. Tomato also contains natural antiseptic properties and can thus help protect the body against infections naturally. Tomatoes are also effective in the treatment of cholesterol and heart disease. This is because tomato contains nicotinic acid which helps control cholesterol and thus reduces the risk of heart disease. Increase your consumption of tomato to help reduce your risk of heart disease and to help counter cholesterol. Tomatoes contain large quantities vitamin K that helps prevent hemorrhages.

Tomatoes are also well known for their cancer fighting capabilities. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, the pigment that lends tomatoes their red color. This pigment is a powerful antioxidant that helps the body fight cancer cells and helps impede their growth effectively. Increasing your consumption of tomatoes can thus lower your risk of developing cancer. Tomatoes lower the risk of contracting several types of cancer, namely, cervical cancer, prostrate cancer, rectal cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer and mouth cancer. In addition, lycopene helps flush out free radicals from the body, thereby protecting your health effectively. Our body requires lycopene for its proper functioning and tomatoes are the largest natural sources of this anti-oxidant. You can increase your everyday consumption of tomato by adding this healthy vegetable in cooked or raw form to your diet. Tomatoes are an excellent addition to salads and sandwiches and increase the nutritive value of these meals substantially.

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