Do you Know How to Minimize Carbohydrate and Fats from your Diet?

A balanced and healthy diet helps in the well being of the individual. Low carbohydrates and low fats are recommended, especially for weight watchers! Low fat foods are also recommended in case of underlying conditions, such as atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, liver disorders and so on. Complete abstinence from certain foods, which are an inseparable part of a regular dietary regimen, is difficult, though replacement of the same, with good substitutes is possible. Let us look some low carb foods:

Low Carb Foods
low fats diet

  • Low carbohydrate tortillas and breads are helpful. Read the label to identify the same. Flax meal breads are good alternatives!
  • Whole grain breads, with visible grains have a low glycaemic index and thus reduce the pace of sugar conversion.
  • A number of low carb pastas are available commercially. 
  • High fiber cereals, such as those with Ricotta cheese, flax seed meal and TVP are good examples for low carbohydrate foods. TVP refers to Texturized vegetable Protein are dry chunks or granules, which are made of soy flour. It is rich in protein and is a poor source of fat and carbohydrates. 
  • Replace potatoes with cauliflower, celery, rutabagas and turnips. 
  • Soy beans are low in their carbohydrate content, in comparison to other beans. 
  • Use unsweetened almond milk, coconut milk or unsweetened soy milk, instead of lactose containing plain milk.
Keeping a check on the fat intake is vital, as 'invisible fat' in many foods are camouflaged or forgotten! Some of the simple ways to reduce fat in the diet are:
  • Reading the labels of foods is the best way to track the intake of fats and other nutrients.
  • Check out for unsaturated fats, as saturated and hydrogenated fats; prove harmful, in the long run. Avocado, olive, vegetable and canola oil are healthy replacements for coconut oil, butter, margarine and lard.
  • Desserts, such as sweets, pastries, cookies, souffl├ęs and cakes are abundant in fat and calories.
  • Avoid processed and refined foods, such as preserves, baked foods, and processed meats and so on. These are laden with sodium and trans fats.
  • Avoid red meats and processed forms, such as luncheon, sausages and hamburger. Go in for lean meats, egg white, fish and poultry, devoid of skin.
  • The ideal technique to reduce the fat and carbohydrate in the diet is to increase the variety in the meal. This helps to break the monotony and to eat healthy.

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