Quick Healthy Snacks Ideas for Kids

Junk food is one of the most important factors that is causing obesity in children. Junk foods contain large amounts of oils, fats, and preservatives. These ingredients are known to be hazardous for adults as well as children. However, your child’s snacks do not have to be junk. There are many options for quick healthy snacks that are packed with immense nutritional power. 

Healthy kid snacks contain all the necessary ingredients to supply your kid’s with the required amounts of vitamins, minerals, protein, and carbohydrates, but without any excess amounts of oils and fats. 

Healthy kid snacks ideas. 

The quickest and healthiest snack that you can give your kid is a fruit, or a vegetable salad. These natural sources of nutrients are the healthiest option available. Some people peel vegetables and fruits before giving it to their kids, but this is a common mistake, as the skin of fruits and vegetables contains most of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The best way to give your kids a healthy snack between meals is to wash a fruit thoroughly with water and a mild detergent then rinse it well and give it to your child.

If your kid is hungry after dinner and he wants to eat something before going to bed, you can prepare a cup of yoghurt and add some fruits to it, such as pieces of chopped strawberries. Do not add sugar as it will supply the kid with undesired energy that could prevent him or her from sleeping. If you want to give your kids a snack after lunch, then you can steam some vegetables like carrots and potatoes then top it with a huge amount of light mozzarella cheese, which is made of skimmed milk. Basically, you should base healthy food snacks on fruits and vegetables then you can modify the rest as per your kid’s  tastebuds.

How to make your kids eat healthy snacks?

This is a common question that faces many parents. The most common complaints include “my kids do not love vegetables” or “they prefer soda drinks rather than fruits”. The first step in getting your kids to eat healthy is to set the example yourself. Let your kids see you eating fruits and vegetables and they will imitate you and eat healthy too. Sometimes plain fruit or veggies can simply be too bland for young kids. Come up with interesting recipes that entice the children to eat these natural goodies. Carve a funny face on a guava and watch your child devour it with relish.

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